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Use our ready-made integration to connect your Shopify store with Merch38


Shopify is the all-in-one commerce platform for starting, running and growing your business. With Merch38 integration you can use all the features of our platform directly from Shopify. No coding or custom development is required.

Use the Merch38 integration to sell your branded merch with zero investment.

How it works

Connect your store with Merch38

Create a new account on Merch38 or choose an existing one

Add products to your store

It takes just a few steps to link your swag to Merch38’s platform

Set up the print and shipping cost margin

Apply cost margin for shipping your products

Switch from sandbox to live

Go live from sandbox mode with one click

Get notified about incoming orders

Once all is set up, you’ll get a notification and your orders will be automatically sent to Merch38 for fulfillment

Sell your products

 Merch38 will take care of printing and shipping of your orders. We ship worldwide

Why Merch38 is so useful?


No Minimums

You can order as few or as many shirts as you want. No color limit with full color printing

Worldwide delivery

We work with USPS, UPS and Fedex services 

Customer support

Our support team has your back around the clock

Start selling your merch on Shopify with Merch38 now

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