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An easy way to start selling your own swag with Merch38's dropshipping platform

Branded merch has long been an integral part of various events, whether it’s a charity run, a business conference or a music concert. Over the past year, many events have changed their format by going online, but the value of swag has only increased.

So, what’s the difference between classic events and the online ones? And why do they need merch?

The main difference is related to the feeling of incomplete involvement of visitors to the event, since each viewer is at home, it is hard for him to identify with other visitors, to feel part of the event. Merch38 can handle this.

Bring merchandise experience to your online event

Why you need merch on your online event?


Extra profit


Increased awareness of your event


Thankful customers


Reward your participants and partners


More involved audience


Positive emotions associated with your brand

No matter where you hold your online event, Zoom, Skype, or anywhere else. Use the Merch38 integration to sell your branded merch with zero investment.

You can also embed our widget to your website


Easy to install

It takes a few minutes to finish SignUp and install the widget to you website

Absolutely Free

No up front costs. Free Plan

Make profit

Get paid every 2 weeks


How print-on-demand drop shipping works?

Connect your YouTube with Merch38

Integrate your store to Merch38 in a few easy steps and start taking orders

Merch38 receives the order

We receive the order automatically and charge you a fee for fulfillment

Take an order from your customer

A customer visits your store on Squarespace and you receive an order

Merch38 manufactures and ships your order

We start to manufacture and ship the order to the customer immediately

Why Merch38?


No Minimums

You can order as few or as many shirts as you want. No color limit with full color printing

Worldwide delivery

We work with USPS, UPS and Fedex services 

Customer support

Our support team has your back around the clock