Create and sell merch for your YouTube channel

An easy way to start selling your YouTube merch with Merch38's dropshipping platform

YouTube merch with Merch38

Want to sell your YouTube merch easily with no hassle? Use the Merch38 YouTube integration to sell your branded merch with zero investment.

YouTube allows users to attach an active link to their videos, letting them sell merch directly from their When the customers orders come in, we’ll take care about manufacturing and shipping, so you can stay focused on your audience.

Sell your branded YouTube merch with zero investment

Merch38 lets you sell your merch on YouTube, no matter how many subscribers you have. You just have to love what you do and try new ways to tell your audience about your merch, and do it all the time. You don’t have to pay anything, just do what you love and get extra income

YouTube merch with Merch38
Sell your own merch with Merch38

How print-on-demand drop shipping works?

1. Create your merch store with Merch38

Create your merchandise store on and paste the link in your YouTube video details

3. We receive, print an ship orders

We receive all your orders automatically. We ship US & worldwide

2. Promote your channel on YouTube

Share your store link with the followers. Add your link to social media and your channel links

4. Get paid

Every 2 weeks Merch38 pays your profit

How to promote your YouTube merch?

YouTube merch with Merch38

Promote your merch

Create short videos about your merch, show how your customers are happy to have it

YouTube merch with Merch38

Gift merch

Constantly hold giveaways and raffles of your merch

YouTube merch with Merch38

Collaborate with others

Contact other channels with similar audience to promote each other’s merch

YouTube merch with Merch38

Link in every video

Don’t forget to place a link in every video’s description. Link all your social networks to your merch

YouTube merch with Merch38

Use product placement

This could be showing your merch in action, unpacking it, or just showing your merch briefly in a video

YouTube merch with Merch38

Communicate to your followers

Do surveys about your merch, find out what your followers want or what they’re missing

Start selling your YouTube merch with Merch38 now

Why wait? Use Merch38 on YouTube and make sure that print-on-demand drop shipping is exactly what you were looking for

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Why Merch38 is so useful?


automated process

Your YouTube orders are manufactured and shipped automatically. Merch38 offers quick and detailed insights on your YouTube orders through advanced reporting. We ship worldwide


We test your products at every stage of production to ensure that the quality complies with the highest standards. Organic clothing & vegan friendly printing


Let us help you provide a high level of customer service for your store – we will take care of any questions your customers may have