Merch for podcasts

Running your own podcast? It's time to sell custom merch for your fans

Sell your podcast swag with Merch38

Nowadays, your own unique merch is not only an attribute of rock bands and festivals. Podcast hosts actively selling their merch as a way to make extra income.

With Merch38 you can sell your podcast merch without turning your garage into a warehouse.

Use the Merch38 integration to sell your branded merch with zero investment.

Why sell podcast merchandise?

Monetize your podcast​ with Merch38

Monetize your podcast

Increase the income by selling custom merch with your name or logo

Reward your customers with branded merchandise using Merch38's solutions

Increase the awareness

Let your fans tell everyone about your podcast through the merch

Make your listeners happier with Merch38

Make your listeners happier

Gift your podcast merch for your most loyal fans  

How to start selling your podcast merch?


- Create a unique design of your merch in the built-in online merch38 editor, using a catchphrase or your podcast logo

- Embed our widget to your podcast's website, and integrate it with your social networks


- Sell your podcast merch to your listeners

Why Merch38 is so useful?


No Minimums

You can order as few or as many shirts as you want. No color limit with full color printing

Worldwide delivery

We work with USPS, UPS and Fedex services 

Customer support

Our support team has your back around the clock

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