Frequently Asked Questions

In what format must artwork be for DTG printing?

Perhaps, direct to garment method (DTG method) is our most adjustable print method, having numerous file formats which are capable of being used. However, we strongly recommend that you provide all your artwork in PNG format, using a very transparent background. But we can also welcome other formats if they are of very high quality (150dpi or more).

What sizes of T-shirts are supported by Merch38 ?

All the T-shirts designed by you must be in Unisex sizes, ranging from Small (S) to Double Extra Large (2XL).

What is the maximum graphic size you can print on T-shirts?

For standard screens, our maximum graphic size is 14 x 16 inches 150 dpi

Is there a minimum number of T-shirts I can order ?

There is no minimum order.
Whether you desire to have only one garment or thousands of garments, we are always at your service.

I want to have something printed on a sleeve, can you do that?

For now, we don’t do printing on a sleeve. However, we may consider individual requirements for orders above 1,000 prints.

What is your technology?

For our work we use an innovation technology – DTG printing. DTG stands for “direct to garment” printing. With DTG, a printer directly applies the ink to the clothing item with inkjet technology. This concept is similar to printing on paper, except that it’s on a t-shirt or sweatshirt. The desired design is printed directly onto the garment, hence direct to garment, with a special printer using water-based inks, which are absorbed by the fibers of the garment.

How soon will my order be processed?

Between the time you place your order and the time your customer or you takes delivery of it, two processes are involved.
The first process is fulfillment: The standard time of fulfillment is 1-2 business days. Based on certain circumstances and the levels of inventory, the time taken may be longer than usual. There is no cause for alarm!
The second process is shipping. There exists a number of shipping options you can choose from, all lying within a range of 1-8 working days (3-20 working days for international orders) based on the level of service you have chosen and the courier company.

What if my question isn’t in the FAQ? 

We have carefully picked our FAQs to cover your entire queries. However, in case there’s a question which is not listed on our FAQ, you can write to our customer service team at [email protected]. Alternatively, in case of instant assistance, you can opt for our Live Chat option. Our expert support team is available round the clock to provide you with the best possible solution.

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