Give Your Employees Business Swag

A simple way to increase your employees' loyalty with Merch38

Employee swag with Merch38

When it comes to swag, you usually think of giving them to customers. You may think that this will bring you brand loyalty and sales. 

While swag do generate those sales and can be a great motivation for your customers, swag can also be used for your employees. 

Swag can make employees feel like a valued member of the company and help them promote you. These are the reasons why giving swag to employees is a good decision.

Why Employee Swag Is a Good Idea?

Employee team Merch38

It reinforces the employees' awareness as team members

When you give your employees branded merch, it makes them feel part of the team. Swag is different from a uniform, they choose to wear it, thus making it special. They are giving you free advertisement wearing it when they are not at work.

Merch38 Employee Swag

It's a long-term investment

By giving your employees swag, you are telling them that you expect them to work for you for a long time, especially if they are used as part of a welcome basket for new employees. You can personalize swag for every employee to make it individual.

Merch38 employee swag

Employee Swag builds loyalty to your business

When you give an employee swag, it fosters loyalty to your business. Employees who wear your logo or company name see themselves as an important part of your business. They will feel loyal not only to the job, but also to the business. Like with the sports team, when someone wears your business logo, you will know that they are committed to your business and will work to make it even better.

Merch38 employee swag

It allows employees to express pride in where they work

By giving away cool swag, you give employees bragging rights. They can show off their swag to friends, family and the general public. Creating swag just for your employees that can't be bought anywhere else will create a sense of pride because you can only get them by working at the company.

Merch38 employee swag

Something Small Can Go a Long Way

When you surprise your employees with swag, it can boost their morale and benefit the whole business. Making something small for them is a great token of appreciation. You can also use swag as gifts for anniversaries, work achievements, etc.

Not sure what your employees will like? Give us a call and we'll help you find what's perfect for your team.

No matter what you do when it comes to employee merchandise, it will help your business. Your employees will see that you perceive them not only as employees, but as an important part of your business. 

Too often, employees feel like they don’t matter, and this can lead to low morale and increase the likelihood that they will leave their jobs. The more you do to keep your employees happy, the better your business will be.

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