Bring personalized merchandise in front of your game fans

A Merchandise Platform for Game Publishers & Developers

Merch38 helps businesses and brands profit more by selling personalized merchandise to their end customers

Why do you need merchandise

Drives life time value, increases average order value, 

grows customer loyalty and raises brand awareness

Sale Driver

Drive Upselling

Loyalty and Retention

You sell. We print, ship and do customer support

Start selling personalized merch with zero investment and no inventory

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Our e-commerce dynamic engine uses the gamers’s content.

That allows us to generate perfect personalized previews

Personalized Means


Gamer’s Level

Character Clothes

Character Skills

Clan’s name

Gamer’s Avatar


Unique Weapon

Gamer’s Rating

or any gamer's data

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Your benefits

Total Personalization. Digital Printing Revolution. Emotional Involvement Targeting

Reduces Inventory Waste

Improves Speed-To-Market

Unique and custom products

Reduce logistical costs

Rapid scalability