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An easy way to start selling your own swag with Merch38’s dropshipping platform

12 billion hours. That’s the amount of time we spend watching videos on YouTube every month – that’s about 4 hours for every Internet user in the world.

YouTube is the most popular video hosting site and the second most visited site in the world, but it’s not a marketplace itself. Perhaps that’s why not all popular channels use this wonderful platform to work with clients, real and potential. And they make the big mistake of losing possible profits. 

Use the Merch38 YouTube integration to sell your branded merch with zero investment.

YouTube allows users to attach an active link to their videos, letting them sell merch directly from their When the customers orders come in, we’ll take care about manufacturing and shipping, so you can stay focused on your audience.

Why Merch38 is so useful?


No Minimums

You can order as few or as many shirts as you want. No color limit with full color printing

Worldwide delivery

We work with USPS, UPS and Fedex services 

Customer support

Our support team has your back around the clock
Sell your own merch with Merch38

How print-on-demand drop shipping works?

Connect your YouTube with Merch38

Integrate your store to Merch38 in a few easy steps and start taking orders

Merch38 receives the order

We receive the order automatically and charge you a fee for fulfillment

Take an order from your customer

A customer visits your store on Squarespace and you receive an order

Merch38 manufactures and ships your order

We start to manufacture and ship the order to the customer immediately

YouTube benefits

YouTube merch with Merch38

Recommendation system

YouTube recommendations always help to show the videos to a potential audience. You can promote yourself without much investment

YouTube merch with Merch38

Video is used for several tasks

Sell your product by answering popular questions from customers, showing video reviews, talking about new products and their benefits

YouTube merch with Merch38

More information per time unit

With video you can present information about you and your product in an interesting way, telling and showing all the advantages

YouTube merch with Merch38

Huge solvent audience

It’s a platform with millions of users, where you’re surely find your audience

YouTube merch with Merch38

Free views and clients

People can see your video even if they are not subscribed to your channel

YouTube merch with Merch38

Eye-catching format

Dynamic video will always tell a better story about you than images or text

Helpful tips to sell your merchandise with print-on-demand drop shipping

How to sell your merchandise on YouTube?

You have to really enjoy what you're doing

Do not pursue the most popular or profitable topics, if they are not interesting to you. It is better to do what you love, then the viewers themselves will reach out to you. Viewers can’t be fooled, they see perfectly well when videos are made through effort.

Choose previews, video titles and tags carefully

The popularity of the video directly depends on it. Try to insert the maximum number of keywords related to the video in any way. But do not overuse and write in the tags something that is not in the video, your channel may be banned for this.

Collaborate with others

Promotion of the channel is a complex process, to simplify it, it is recommended to contact other channels with a similar audience and advertise each other.


If you have extra money, you can buy advertising from a more promoted channel. The subject of the channel that will advertise you should be as similar as possible to your subject.

Try to upload videos on a regular basis

Viewers should know when to expect the next video. This will help tremendously in gaining views and subscribers.

Publish original content

This tip is due to the fact that other people’s videos, although they gain views, but often fall under the ban.

Always contact technical support in case of a ban or strike

This is the best and sometimes the only way to solve the problem. There is a common perception that they do not solve the problem and do not respond to letters, but in reality this is not the case.

Connect with your audience

Try to respond to comments and ask your subscribers what videos they are interested to see in the future. This will help set the right direction for the channel’s further progress.

Feel free to try different ways to promote your brand, remember that you know your audience best and everything it needs. Have a great sales!

Start selling on YouTube with Merch38 now

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