Git Merch: the best T-shirts for GitHub users

We have a dream, We want to help people express themselves by wearing personalized clothes.

We really like coders, they all are adding values to our life and changing it, especially if we are talking about open source teams.

It’s hard to describe how much values coders adding every day, but Github has a perfect tool to visualize it. It’s the contribution map. A unique snapshot of the whole year of work of each programmer.

From now everyone can bring his snapshots of intellectual property to the material world (and spread knowledge about it). Every GitHub user could print a t-shirt with his own contributions map and proudly wear it to show how cool it to be a creator of the future.

And even if you haven’t made a contribution in years, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Our awesome graphic tees are the perfect choice to wear to your next geek party!


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