How to reward your early adopters
by branded merchandise

With Twitter adopting a new strategy of charging users for account verification, numerous individuals have declared their intention to abandon the social media platform rather than opting for a subscription. Some users contemplate making the expense more justifiable by exploring avenues to generate income through their tweets.

Enter AnyTweet—a platform enabling Twitter users to monetize their words by establishing a personalized merchandise store. Vasily Danilenko, the CEO of Merch38, conceptualized AnyTweet with the aim of assisting users in transforming their tweets into merchandise.

“AnyTweet was developed as a service to benefit writers, performers and anyone who would like to create merchandise based on their content. Now tweets can be made into products sold for profit in a user’s personal store. With AnyTweet, you don’t need to know anything about how the products are made or delivered. You can set up a shop and start making money from your tweets in minutes,” Vasily said.

The Future of Merchandising

Tweets serve as valuable historical references, encapsulating moments in time through memes, news snippets, and journalistic insights. Twitter stands out as the ideal platform for merchandise, boasting content rich in statements, irony, sarcasm, humor, and genuine audience opinions succinctly encapsulated in blocks of text. Relevance is a key rule for successful merch, and among all social networks, Twitter is unparalleled in its relevance.

In recent decades, clothing has evolved from a basic wardrobe item to a potent tool of self-expression. The ordinary t-shirt has transformed into a statement piece, carrying a sense of belonging to a subculture, and personalized expressions are the path forward.

How AnyTweet works

With AnyTweet, users can set up a merch store with their own tweets in minutes. The creator does not need to buy merchandise; the service will create and send the product and the author of the tweet will get the profit.

The service works on a print-on-demand basis, which means items are only made once they’ve been ordered. There is no initial investment required, no need to dive into the technical details of production and no need to buy equipment. Users never produce more goods than are sold.

About AnyTweet

Somewhere between mainstream internet culture, startup spirit, semi-family business and craftsmanship, Vasily Danilenko and his team make creative projects based on a passion for customization and a desire to give people the tools to express themselves. Through the newest service, AnyTweet, authors are able to monetize their content by creating merchandise of their tweets.