How it works

Merch38 allows you to create and automate a merchandise store just in a  few clicks. Ideal for small businesses and those who decide to test the sale of their own store or merchandise.

How Merch38 Widget Works for Local Businesses

Create a Campaign 

Follow the fields that you need to fill in to create your own company:

  • Campaign title
  • Branding link text
  • Branding link URL


Use our free T-shirt Mockup Generator to apply your designs. Easily upload your design or create a new one with our designer tool, add your personalized text or your favorite picture, and preview your products on high-quality images. The mockup is designed to easily add customized t-shirts to your online platform.


Order samples of your created designs to make sure the end products look and feel exactly as you imagined. This allows you to test out different t-shirts and find the right style and design for your business.


Once you’re happy with your custom product, publish it to your online platform or simply embed to your site the widget with your design. You can also use the simple link that is easy to share with your friends, spread through an email campaign or use for social media.


Once you make a sale, we immediately start the production (printing) usually it takes 1-3 business days and after shipping directly to your customer. You can easily track this process from your Merch38 account. Focus on growing your brand while we take care of the rest.